Title: G-Unit!

[50 Cent]

50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck

[Verse 1 - Young Buck]
Vacate ya home, I come to break ya bones
America's nightmare (yeah!), we at it again (c'mon)
A Desert Eagle and a black mac-10
They'll never know what ha-penned
When we come through, them cowards don't want none
They screamin that they murderers but walkin with no guns
C'mere nigga, don't run and die where you standin
See I'm holdin on this cannon and your life I'm demandin
Put the pipes at your melon and brain's on the pavement
These niggaz is talkin, thinkin security gon' save them
Ain't no-body gonna speak when homicide pay a visit
Look you right in the eye and tell you "We don't know who did it"
Corrupting my street corner by shootin' at the police
The fiend's up all night, and the neighbors gettin no sleep
You better get used to it, you know how we do it
Shady/Aftermath, Interscope and G-Unit

[Chorus] *sung* {50 Cent}
We got action where you don't
Show up places where you won't
G-Unit! G-Unit! {G-g-g-g-g-Unit!}

[Verse 2 - 50 Cent]
Now I told y'all on my first Dre joint - I am lo=co
Better than so-so, game's in the chokehold
Dissin me's a no-no, I perfected the slow flow
In D.C. they dance the go-go, in LA they ride on lo-lo's
G-Unit in the house, oh no
You ain't ready, it's heavy, '65 Chevy
Old-school rollin, I'm holdin
Twenty inches spinnin from the beginnin, we winnin
Gained this masculinity pimpin we not pretendin
Drop-top, glock cocked, ready for the drama
Pistols pop, cop shot, I'm heavy with them llamas
Non-stop, make it hot, we on top regardless
You can be the hardest, we'll just be the smartest
I warn you not to start us, we not your average artists
My bitch is like a Goddess, when paparazzi spot us
It's flick after flick, same old shit that I kick
Hah hah!


[verse 3 - Lloyd Banks]
Guess who's back motherfucker - gun and a clip
Ready to smack up on these suckers that's runnin they lip
You can try any one of my shoes on - none of 'em fit
Ya hundreds is shorter, I tell ya pops his son is a daughter
All I need is some cigars and a quarter
A couple cars and a lawyer
Comin packin a bitch, and I'll be back with a hit
I'm that sick, who the hell you thought it was?
I got expensive habits, I can afford it cuz
G-Unit's poppin and we perform in all the clubs
Niggaz be shovin and pushin now someone is gushin surprise
She's givin up the buns on the cushion, Sweatin and screamin
Suckin' me off the rest of the evenin and I'm leavin
On to the next city
Stash box in the bus so I can bring them tecs with me
I gotta focus, I'm gettin older
You niggas ain't gettin over

Title : Poppin' Them Thangs

[Intro/Chorus: 50 Cent]
Every hood we go through
All the gangsters around know my whole crew (nigga WHAT?!)
We hold it down like we 'sposed to
Nigga you can front if you want, we be poppin them thangs
(YEAH!) Every hood we go through
All the gangsters around know my whole crew (nigga WHAT?!)
We hold it down like we 'sposed to (ha ha)
Nigga you can front if you want, we be poppin them thangs

[Verse One: 50 Cent]
After the VMA's my baby momma cussed my ass out
I kicked her ass, we back friends like Puffy and Steve Stoute
Cut the grass around my crib so I could see these snakes
You see 'em back in the hood, it's cause I see they're fake
A preacher's son about the paper like I'm Creflo Dollar
I pop you punk niggaz like I pop my collar
I'm confused, I like Megan, Monica and Mya
Missy's freaky and Brandy's shot up
Now take a look at how my lifestyle changed up
I'm on now, God damnit, I done came up (what?)
Now you can find me with the finest hoes
Choosin which whip to drive by what match my clothes
I got a fetish for the stones, I'm heavy on the ice man
If I ain't got a pistol on me, sure I got a knife fam
Get out of line and I'm lightin yo' ass up
Semi-automatic's the way I tighten yo' ass up - what?


[Verse Two: Lloyd Banks]
Slow down punk nigga, don't exceed your speed
Cause I will put G's on your fitted like the Negro League
I got connects, I don't need no weed
I been in L.A. for a year now, so I don't see no seeds
After I'm done, you clap in a crew
Hell yeah I fuck fans, guess what, your favorite rapper does too
(YEA!) In a minute I'ma have the jeweler makin my rims spin
My crew run wild like the Jamaicans in Kingston
Nuttin but bling bling in your face boy; that's why my neck shine
like one of the shirts that Puffy and Mase wore (AHH)
I done found a nympho as soon as I pop a broad
She had my balls, head first like a soccer star
You can only stand next to the man if you proper
That take care of birds like an animal doctor
I been out and buzzin, niggaz just slept on me
So I'm out for revenge like one of Bin Laden cousins


[Verse Three: Young Buck]
Read the paper, look at the news, we on the front page
Yeah we in the Bahamas with AK's on the stage
The ice in the Jacob watch'll make a broke nigga take somethin
So I gotta keep the fo'-fifth with no safety button
G-Unit get that money, I know some artists is starvin
but play the game like they rich, to me the shit funny
I know you see me comin; cause on the front of the Maybach
it say PAYBACK for those that hated on me
I hate when niggaz claim they bangin or gang
You ain't a Crip like Snoop, you ain't no Blood like Game
See I been havin beef, I got my own bulletproof vest
Most of my enemies dead, I got about two left
Until my last breath, I'm sendin niggaz bulletholes
Innocent bystanders get hit tryin to be heroes
You know how we roll, everywhere that we go
It's fo-fo's, calicos, and desert eagles


Title : My Buddy

[Intro - soundclips from "Scarface"]

[Chorus - 50 Cent]
My buddy, my buddy
Wherever I go, he go
My buddy, my buddy
You can run for your life, I'ma stick him out the window
My buddy, my buddy
I'll lay ya ass out, motherfucker, it's simple
Stay in your place I recommend
Or say hello to my little friend

[Lloyd Banks]
Everywhere I go, I gotta tag along
Cause my bud's getting strong and they mad him on
He ride with me when I pass the mall
And wait for me on the bench when I run to get my basketball
One sneeze'll make a bastard fall, gasp and crawl
You need a bulletproof vest, mask and all
Bring your buddy when it's time to roam (Why?)
Cause I got hit the last time I left mine at home
My hand bling full of platinum to shine his chrome
He even got closet space inside my home
He ain't never been broke, he glitchless
I'm so reliable, I bought him a rubber coat for Christmas
Infrared beam and a scope for distance
The best company when approacing business
He will ride with me 'til the end
We all got a friend and mine is a G-U-N


[50 Cent]
My buddy got a temper, he dying to pop off
Last time he did the cops had the block all locked off
Take him with me to hustle, stashed him in a trashcan
My fingertips off before hours I bag grams
You meet him, your destination's hell or heaven
Cause I only bring him out for that 187
He don't have a heart, I just keep feeding him shells
He get it popping in the hood, so his name rings bells
Ms. Jones stay on the 3rd floor, she called the cops on me
They came, I ran, I had to toss my other little homey
Niggas know I got new friends so they stay in their place, kid
I stay screaming on niggas and beating up baseheads
These niggas ain't thorough, they just like to pretend
Keep fucking 'round they gon' say hello to my little friend



[Young Buck]
We been though it all but yet we both still living
We been in a box but we both still spitting
And when there was beef, you even played your position
Got under the seat until we spotted our victim
At first they wouldn't listen 'til they heard you go off
Remember it was broad daylight in the middle of New York
And little did they know that we was ready for way
Bet the nigga wish he never stuck his head out the door
See whenever you come out, something happen on the block
You the reason that nigga done stopped rapping like Pac
People see you and run, and you ain't even say shit
They just know you ain't nothing to play with
You stay with sixteen homeys, and one in the hole
When the first one get out, the next one go
To know where you headed, you got to know where you been
The glock stay with me, we friends 'til the end


Title : I'm So Hood

Yeah.. YEAH.. YEAH!

[Verse One: 50 Cent]
Lil' Tyrone tired of gettin his ass whipped, so he holdin that gat down
His momma think it's my fault, cause he listened to "Back Down"
Bobby was a fuckin bum, he pumpin backs now
He need some fresh chicks, white T's and fitted hats now
Uncle Rock a wino, he won't put the 'gnac down
Eric had the jump shop, but he's smokin crack now
The Lunatics, the Lost Boyz, Cheeks shit is whack now
Country blew trial, them crackers got him on his back now
And Sean {*ka-click*} runnin round with his fuckin gat now
Up in niggaz cribs, sayin where that money at pal?
Now Sandra from BK I seen her out in Houston
That bitch travelled the world, she runnin round boostin
Now Toya got these bad-ass kids, they a nuisance
Her baby daddies never come around, they useless
Every now and then I come through on some new shit
Pearly white 6 or some chrome deuce-deuces

[Chorus: 50 Cent - repeat 2X]
I'm so hood - I can't help it
I'm so hood - I can't help it
Love me for bein me - cause I can't change it
Can't rearrange it, I am what I am
So love me for bein me

[Verse Two: 50 Cent]
When I was six man, momma told me God don't like ugly
I fell, scraped my face, and thought God must don't love me
Saw Owen every mornin before school, he sell dope
Niggaz keep whuppin Nut ass cause he sell soap
Charlie be beggin all the time, he stay broke
Flip be down on 1-0-9, rollin up smoke
Shameek, he a thief, catch a stunt in a stolen car
He that nigga that you call when you crashin into a bar
See they love me cause I rap now, but they don't like me
I been locked up three times and they ain't write
Stevie a punk, but fuck what he say, he can get mean quick
Pop shots at you, Esau must suck a mean dick
The block's hot, D's jump out on us almost all the time
They watch us from the buildin but niggaz still be on the grind
Wayne used to call the cops and tell them G had a 9
'Til G put that gun in Donrad seat and said it wasn't mine


Title : Stunt 101


[50 Cent]
I'll teach you how to stunt
My wrists stay rocked up
My TV's pop up in a Maybach benz
I'll teach you how to stunt
Nigga you can't see me
My bently GT got smoke gray rims
I'll teach you how to stunt
My neck stay blinging, my rims stay gleaming, I'm shining man
I'll teach you how to stunt
I see you scheming, nigga keep on dreaming, I hurt ya mans
I'll teach you how to stunt

[50 Cent]
Seven series BM, Six series benz
Twenty-four inches, Giovanni rims
All on one wheel when I'm on one of them
Ma, that boy out there actin a fool that's him
They say I've changed man, I'm getting paper, I'm flashy
They like me better when I'm fucked up and ashy
My royalty check's the rebirth of Liberace
Stunt so hard, everybody got to watch me
And I don't really care if it's platinum or white gold
As long as the VS bling, look at that light show
In the hood they say Fifty man your sneaker look white yo
Just can't believe Reebok did a deal with a psycho
Banks is a sure thing, yall niggaz might blow
I'm fittin to drop that, so I suggest you lay low
Buc, he from Cashville, Tenneckee nigga
Getting them ten of keys, save ten for me nigga


[Lloyd Banks]
I'm sensing a lot of tension now that I'm rappin
But the kids used to look up to you, what happened?
Me on the contrary, hand covered with platinum
Different color coupes but I'm in love with the black one
On point, cuz you get R.I.P.'s when slacking
So the stashbox big enough to squeeze the mack in
Yeah, I'm fairly new but I demand some respect
Cuz I already wear your advance on my neck
I'm fresh off the jet, then I breeze to the beaches
Blue yankee fitted, G-Unit sneakers
I already figured out what to do with all my features
Decorate the basement, full of street sweepers
When it comes to stuntin' theres nothing you can teach us
We're in a different time zone, your records don't reach us
Naww, I ain't here to save the world, just roll up a blunt
Come with me out front, I'LL TEACH YOU HOW TO STUNT


[Young Buc]
Chain so icy, you don't have to like me
In a throwback jersey, with the throwback nikes
I know you probably seen me with Cash Money from back in the days
The only thing changed is the numbers on the range
I bought me an old school and blew out the brains
The Roc the Mic tour, I threw off my chain
My sprewell's spinning man, I'm doing my thing
And whodi now in trouble now that you in the game
Come on now, we all know gold is getting old
The ice in my teeth keep the crystal cold
G-Unit homie, actin' like yall don't know
Look, I can't even walk through the mall no more
I just pull up, get out, and get all the hoes
They never seen doors lift up on a car before
Don't be mad at me dog, that's all I know
That's how to show these fougaisies how it's supposed to go


Title : Wanna Get to Know You

[Intro/Chorus: Joe]
I wanna get to know ya
I really wanna thug you, baby
One dose of your lovin
I know it gon' drive me, crazy
I wanna be your lover
I wanna get to know you, baby
One dose of my lovin
I know it gon' drive you, crazy

[Verse One: Young Buck]
I'm lovin how you look in my eyes, swangin them hips when you pass
I'm visualizin my name tattooed on that ass baby
Jump on this Harley, let's go smoke some of that Bob Marley
Sip some Bacardi then go pull up at the after party
I think we make a perfect couple, but you think I'm trouble
Maybe that's the reason you gave me the wrong number (what?)
She got me feelin like, maybe she the wrong woman
Think I'ma be chasin the chickenhead, you're on somethin
Your toes painted, hair fixed all the time
And your Gucci boots the same color as mine
If you read between the lines you can see that I want you
I betcha I'll have you doin what you said that you won't do
Make a decision shorty, good thangs don't last long
Your girlfriend keeps showin me that thong
Before I head home I'ma stop at your house and blow the horn
If you come outside you know it's on, holla at your boy


[Verse Two: Lloyd Banks]
Now bitches be frustrated with a baller, wonder why I don't call her
Maybe because I'm busy and she need someone to spoil her
It gets annoying, from time to time I gotta ignore her
In order to let her know that we friends and nuttin more
She loves it when I'm in town, hate it when I'm not around
I get her and wear her down, next door neighbors hear the sound
Pictures hittin the ground, just enough to hold us down
I'm stickin and movin, cruisin after the third round
Just lay back baby and let me drive you crazy
I can make a forty-year old feel like a young lady
I admit I fell in love with a friend
And to make her feel special I let her call my by my government name
Her panties wet over fame, fell in love with my chain
I wonder if I wasn't an entertainer, would she remain?
Surroundin me, houndin me, tryin to be my ON-LY
I'm not your boyfriend, I'm your HO-MEY


[Verse Thre: 50 Cent]
Don't know what fuck me up more, watchin her lick her lips
Or watchin her walk, she hypnotized me with her hips man
I sweet talk her if she like
Cause all she really want is a nigga to treat her right, right?
Look, I'm legit now, I used to break laws
Now you can reap the benefits of world tours
Big house, big Benz, girl it's yours
Mink coats, Italian shoes, stones with no flaws
You ain't got ta look like a model for me to adore you
All you gotta do is love me and be loyal
Don't indulge in my past, fuck what happened before you
Cause to me some bunny's gon' hate you that never saw you
C'mere, let me touch on you, I let you touch on me
Put my tongue on you, you put your tongue on me
Let me ride on you and you can ride on
We can do it all the night, we can have a baller night

[Chorus] - repeat 2X w/ variations

Title : Groupie Love

[50] Yeah, G-Unit, ha hah

[Intro] + (50 Cent)
I've been so many places
I've seen so many faces
Girl you look like someone that I done fucked before (ha ha)
I've been around the world
I've met all kind of girls
Girl you look like someone that I done fucked on tour
All sold out - gettin paper things change (I'm rich bitch)
You done heard of my name (50 Cent bitch)
I'm a P.I.M.P. (I'm a pimp, bitch)
You done heard about me (Cause I'm the shit!)

[Verse One: 50 Cent]
You see how things change
First they didn't want me, now they want me
See a nigga gettin paid, they wanna push up on me
Used to see these hoes, chasin a nigga
I'll have in the hotel, tastin a nigga
50 like a lollipop, lick me baby
Then lick Dr., Dre and Shady -- ohh!

Groupie love, they gimme gimme gimme that groupie love
They gimme gimme gimme that groupie love
When you see me in V.I.P., with hoes around me
Man they give me that groupie love
Come gimme gimme gimme that groupie love
Come gimme gimme gimme that groupie love
Tonight you wanna fuck with me
It's alright with me, c'mon and gimme that groupie love

[Verse Two: Tony Yayo]
Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick
That's the reason these groupies is on my dick
Listen young and old, these hoes is loose
Wintertime's the staircase, summertime's the roof
Gimme eight days and a eighth, homey I'm straight
Have a church girl on the bus movin weight
I got birds backstage that's serious eye-candy
Ain't got birds in the hood so I'm in the burbs with Bambi
My writin methods, got me more hoes than Tyson Beckford
Icey necklace on the tour bus, ass naked
When I say jump, bitch say how high?
And flag down a car when the shit drive by
I'm a pimp like Pretty Tone
I got the info on the pretty chrome
Fuckin hoes off of 50 phone
My name hold weight, you barely known
You on that R. Kelly shit, your bitch is barely grown


G-G-G-G-G, G-G-G-G-G, G-Unit!

[Verse Three: Lloyd Banks]
Shorty ain't feelin me, shorty must like girls..
.. like girls, cause I'm the only man in your world
Bitch I can make you famous, you don't know what you missin
I can change your mind if you listen
The bitch don't like me, the bitch must don't like men..
.. like men, I say what I want cause I can
If I didn't I'd be a liar, mami I'm on fire
Come ride with a rider, that's how we swing
You might catch the King with a singer; but touchin my doorbell's
the only way I put a ring on your finger
Threw me a combo with two cups and, I'm in your bedroom
Fuckin up your sheets like the Klu Klux Klan
I shook hands with my fans then fuck 'em
I'm in the hallways tryin to duck 'em, so I can climb in sum'n
My name's B-A-N-K dollar sign BITCH
I'm a pimp, you need to make that switch
And come and give me that


Title : Betta Ask Somebody

[50 Cent]
I, know, you, know
I'm, on, fiiiii-re

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
If, you don't know, who I be
You betta ask somebooooody about me
Oh - you wanna be tough nigga, a look is enough
I put that snub nose to ya and bust nigga
If, you don't know, who I be
You betta ask somebooooody about me
And they'll tell ya I'm a soldier boy
And I done told ya, over and over boy

[Verse One: Lloyd Banks]
I come from a big city, the streets corrupt
Now I'm rollin with snub-noses to heat you up
Out here niggaz'll do anything to reach a buck
Cause when you broke you can't afford to fuck ya sneakers up
I take my time, keep my mind on my bank funds
Learn how to seperate the real from the fake ones
And on my heater nina rep what could I carry on
My nigga just lost his momma, and his daddy gone
From now on I can provide cause my paper's straight
Family losin his legs, but I can take the weight
Some niggaz hate but I'll be damned if they hold me down
Front niggaz didn't know me then, bet they know me now
Blunt and a smile, eventually it'll be a frown
Cause every time I turn around a nigga locked down
While I'm in the world, tryin to bring my loot through
Hopin one day we can kick it like we used to, my nigga


[Verse Two: Young Buck]
Uhh, they never seen 26's on a Hummer
My goal is to try to fuck Trina by the summer
Some niggaz hate me, but they only made me
Go and put mo' ice in my mouth than Baby (bling bling!)
G-Unit and Shady, them dudes is crazy
Next time, we only usin Dr. Dre's beats
Fuck you, pay me, take your magazine flicks
This ain't no Nelly hurr, take a good look at this
Got the wrists of a chemist and the heart of a hustler
Plus I probably done robbed mo' artists than Russell
Always in trouble, you can blame my mother
Gave birth to a gorilla and raised him in the jungle
I ain't crawled, I stumbled across the Mexican with birds
Papi had coke and new plates and pounds of herb
Keep my hand on my glock, and my ear to the streets
I'm a country boi, you can hear it when I speak


[Verse Three: 50 Cent]
Bentley is all dreams, G-5 is understood
I made a nigga heart colder than December (yeah!)
Don't take much to make my gun go off
One shot'll make a hardrock look oh so soft (woo!)
If you don't know you betta ask who I be
Or end up in ICU gettin fed through a IV
Down in the Lou', they say they feelin me derrty
In New Orleans they say I'm that nigga, ya heard me?
From them Southside blocks to Watts, Westside don't front
You know about them Grapestreet Gangstas, G'd up
Rollin that weed up
Nigga get outta line, get shot stabbed jacked
Hit with a bat or beat up
Fuck that, we're on that same bullshit
Same forty-cally glock, same full clip
Pussy claat bwoy, ya nah wanna tak wif me
I'm a real rudebwoy, ya nah wanna ruf wif me


Title : Footprints

"Walk with meeeee..."
[Young Buck] Ay if you hear me out there
"Walk with meeeee..."
[Young Buck] I get down on my knees every night and say
"Walk with meeeee..."
[Young Buck] Hahahaha, yeah
"Walk with meeeee..."
[Young Buck] I'm goin to war, I'm goin to WAR!

[Verse One: Young Buck]
You never know when death's comin, all you hear is gunshots
Lil' kids get to runnin, old ladies get off the block
When the poppin the truck music comes to a stop
Niggaz get on the floor with they front doors locked
Syringes and sirens the only thing on the street
People act like they don't know who did it, but they notice me
Every day's a death threat, but I ain't dead yet
So I go put a hole in a nigga from the next set
Don't know where I slept at, just know where my tec at
It's the first of the month, my bitch ain't got her check yet
Juvie left me in California, I don't respect that
I love him too much to beef, so I'ma accept that
But I'ma just step back, and focus on Buck
Tired of ridin in yours, I'm bout to buy my own truck
Got to try my own luck, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'"
It's G-Unit 'til I'm gone, Lord knows I ain't lyin niggaz

[Chorus: 50 Cent - repeat 2X]
First there was two sets of footprints in the sand
Then there was one set of footprints in the sand
When times get hard and shit hits the fan
God don't walk with me, he carry me man

[Verse Two: Young Buck]
You don't know what I been through to get what I done got
If you looked through a scope, you couldn't hit what I done shot
Couldn't flip what I done copped, couldn't tip what I done topped
I murder you all-talk like a clip without a glock
When you holla G-Unit on some other shit
You need to do the research, and see who you fuckin wit
I smoke all your weed up, go run up your Beeza
Your baby momma want me, I don't want that skeeza
She's scratched my Beema, but I ain't seen-her
When I catch the bitch, I'ma gangsta lean-her - WHOA
We be playin in them videos, with them pretty hoes
Cash bucks and the key bitches and New York City hoes
They learned it from Lil' Kim to let they titties show
I'm the King of the South, this is how it really goes
Lord knows, I keep all my jewels froze
As long as the check come, then FUCK the award shows
You know me nigga


[Verse Three: Young Buck]
Half of these kids never read the Bibles
But they can tell you how to kill a man better than I do
The reason they fucked up, they all been lied to
I know what it feels like when a nigga misguide you
My momma stay in the projects and I been havin money
I went bought her a house, but she told me she ain't want it
(What?) Right then I understood that the hood's in my blood
So I hollered CASH REAL, lettin 'em know where I'm from
Niggaz know I got a gun when I come to the club
And if it go down, you better tell your people to duck
Why should I slow down, I just got started targettin artists
Wait 'til the bullets start hoppin out the cartridge
I come to get it poppin, pray to God the news watchin
So when they see 'em snitch niggaz'll know who got 'em
We came from the bottom to the top, from hoopties to a drop
And kill or be killed is the attitude I got nigga


[Young Buck]
I know you prayin I get killed nigga
He who fears death is in denial
50 told you niggaz, Young Buck showed you niggaz
And tell the bitch ass niggaz put they vest on

Title : Eye for Eye

[50 Cent]
Yeah, I like the way this feel
This make me wanna just (G-G-G-G, G-Unit!)
Buck somethin, hahaha (G-UNIT!)

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
Nigga you shit on me, I shit on you
You put a hit on me, I put a hit on you
An eye for an eye nigga
Survive the shots or die nigga

[50] Get 'em Banks!

[Verse One: Lloyd Banks - singing]
They can't hold me
I'm Lloyd Banks the one and on-ly
Not your buddy, not your pal, not your ho-mey
But ain't a government around that can control me
Oh no!!!

Uhh, I'm on that "Doggystyle" shit, man I don't love a hoe
Poppa wasn't 'round, so I had to let my brother know
Never stay at center, play the back and let your money grow
Most them niggaz wouldn't be around if you was bummy yo
Southside Jamaica neighbor yeah that's where I come from
If you see a nigga with me then there's more than one gun
Fly straight soldier, ain'tcha tired of bein the dumb one
Or are you satisfied bein another nigga's Dun-Dunn
We all know friendships turnin sour when you gettin it
Some niggaz hate me in the hood, but I don't owe them niggaz shit
Smilin all up my face like I don't know them niggaz sick
But I can care less, I'm on the Island and I'm gettin rich


[Verse Two: Young Buck]
Walk it and talk it, spit it how I live it nigga
Came from the country, Dirty South get it nigga
Feds try and question me, they run up in my ho-tel
They said there was a shootin, but they found no shells
New York City hell they throwin niggaz under jails
I got love for dem and I ain't even from dere
Now bust a shot for dem boys on da block
I can feel your pain nigga, I'm still in the game nigga
There's somethin bout the sound of a trey-pound
That make me pull up, hop out, and make a nigga lay down
See every time we 'round, you hear some shots go off
And niggaz get they chains snatched when they tryin to show off
Shootouts in broad day, we do it the mob way
And come to find out, these niggaz softer than Sade'
I'ma keep livin my life with a pistol in my palm
And a wrist full of ice, you can call me a Don motherfucker

[Interlude: singing]
We got the Hei-ny
So make one wrong move and you're dy-ing
Ain't no time for coppin a plea and cry-ing
Cause my niggaz ain't gon' stop ridin'
So you gone


[Verse Three: 50 Cent]
I got a handgun habit, nigga front I'll let you have it
When the shots go off, cops sayin 50 back at it
I'm allergic to the feathers on these bird-ass niggaz (yea)
Front and I'll put your brains on that curb fast nigga
I ain't a marksman, one spark and I spray shit
Nuff rounds from that H-K, I don't play bitch (uh-huh)
Move like I'm militant, back on that gorilla shit
Moody, disrespectful, unruly, but niggaz can't move me (yea)
I squeeze 'til I run out of ammo, if it's a problem it's handled
I have your people pourin our liquor and lightin candles
You fuck around I blow your brains on my New York Times
Run home, turn to the sports section and read your mind
It's crystal clear, you should feel when that gat bust
First there's crime scene tape, then you end up in that black hearse
We don't go to funerals, but we'll go to your wake fam
Do your body all banged up, you made a mistake man


Title : Smile

[50 Cent]
Yeah, this somethin special y'know, somethin epic
Lloyd Banks, you know
Cause a nigga thuggin don't mean he don't
Don't wanna see you smile baby

[Intro: 50 Cent]
Wooo! I wanna be the reason you smile
I wanna be the reason you smi-ile
I wanna be the reason you smile
After you wipe away your tears and dry your eyes

[Verse One: Lloyd Banks]
I'm gettin the feelin you wanna take revenge
From the conversations we have and the way it ends
You wanna discuss me in front of your lady friends
That's why it's just me and my Mercedes Benz
It all depends, maybe if we make amends
We can start from scratch
Learn to control your temper and remarks in fact
We plan to be platonic with our hearts in tact
So everytime we seperate, somebody's marchin back
You're amazing in the sack
Eyes slanted like you're Asian, but you're black
God Bless whoever gave you alla that
If you seen her from the back
You'd understand why dis feel like that
And ain't a flaw to her toes, the Lord knows
Her pussy good enough to miss award shows
And I ain't gotta say nothin, she just knows
By the way I look at her to take off all her clothes
Up and down

[Chorus: Lloyd Banks] + (50 Cent)
Whenever I'm not around, and you feelin down
Let the thought of me be (I be the reason you smile)
I don't wanna see you frown, like them kids watch a clown
I wanna bring you joy and be (I be the reason you smile)
Baby, you know my style, you know how I get down
I provide by any means to be (I be the reason you smile)
We done been through ups and downs, had drama for a while
I'm just happy I'm around to be (I be the reason you smile)

[Verse Two: Lloyd Banks]
The main reason I been lookin at you pitiful
What about the half of this shit I done did to you
Violated and took (?) into a crib or two
I've come clean to be a bigger individual
Even though you're busy boo, the evening's when I visit you
Kinda makes me feel lucky, cause I see niggaz
when you tease 'em with your physical
She wanna rack up her brooms, I ain't got no more room left
Wild drama, section 8 princess
My foreign chick bad, but she been stressed
Cause it's hard to communicate
Cause she don't speak-a no english
I been around the world from state to state
But now I'm back bustin in your bathroom
Got you laughin in your shower cap, let's get it on
Cause I'm leavin in a hour, fly-through, don't matter she's mad
Even when I holla back
All I really need your attention for a while
And, I bet you I can make you smile

[Chorus] - 2X

Title : Baby U Got

[50 Cent]
Ahhhhhh! G-Unit!

[Intro/Chorus - 50 Cent]
Baby you got, you got, you got, you got what I want
Baby you got, you got, you got, you got what I need
Now shake that thang
Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it up
Girl shake that thang
Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it up

[Chorus  50 Cent]
Baby you got
Hips that hypnotize
When you walk I can't help but watch you shake
I love the way you shake (Baby you got)
Hips that make a nigga fantasize
I could spend a day lost in your eyes (Baby you got)
Some kind of control on me
Feels like you got a hold on me (Baby you got)
My imagination running wild
Infatuated with your physical, damn, I like your style

[Verse 1  50 Cent]
It's something about your style, it's something about your smile
It's something about you making me want you right now
If you don't like me, then don't listen to me
Lord knows I spit that G that have you coming out your clothes
I'm a professional when I become sexual
You need a chaperone to bring your girlfriend next to you
Don't it sound like phone sex, kinky, when I talk switch the slang
Partner, tell that nigga from New York, shorty
Come ride on my roller coaster
Porn star stamina, I try not to damage ya
Unlimited tongue action 'til you're climaxin'
Foreplay, you can have it your way
I follow directions, whoa, your jiggling baby
Back shots have your whole back wiggling crazy
After sipping on Nightrain, that potent pipe game
I have you saying "slow down baby"


[Verse 2  Young Buck]
Baby it's hard to look and don't touch
Girl the way you strut and dressed in your fine dutch
I don't know if it's your lips or your hips that got me
Or the way that ass bounce when you move your body
I'm parked outside in the blue Denali
There's room for two, just me and you, if you 'bout it
Ice from Tiffany & Co., Norma Kamali footwear
I spend g's, I'm a G, that's a good look girl
You need a thug that can handle that
One dose'll make you go and put my name on your back
Whenever you pass through, whatever they ask you
Just tell em you my boo, and show em your tattoo, ooohh
Don't hurt nobody baby
When you drop to the ground and drive me crazy
I done been around the world, and I finally found ya
Now back that ass up and let me get behind ya (ahhh!)


[Verse 3  Lloyd Banks]
Baby you've got a hell of a first impression
Making me wanna ask you a personal question
Like "Are you flexible?" and "How do you like it?"
Give me a little input, I'm not a psychic
Cuz you can exit as soon as you get the ok
You got a body like the cold ray, hey
I need a drink, I'll be right back
But before I go, do that little dance, yeah, just like that
It's late, I have to score, "This blue drink tastes good, don't it?"
"Sure it does, now have some more"
I'm deep, but she got her ladies wit her
So bring em, I'll call ya a babysitter
So we can hit the hotel, motel, Holiday Inn
I'm contemplatin' how my time's spent
Cuz I'm bent, and I'm as hard as a brick, love
You move like you work in a strip club


Title : Salute U

[Chorus: Lloyd Banks]
General I salute you
I put a hole in any nigga tryin' to shoot you
It ain't nothin' cause loyalty's what I'm used to
And what I don't do I'll have one of my troops do
Nigga we'll kill you

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
I'm ready for combat, a soldier on the front lines
Take it to the streets nigga mothafucker punch line
It only take one time for you to send a death threat
And watch these bullets have that ass singin' like Keith Sweat
You ain't met me yet, I been camouflaged in the bushes
And I'm co-signin 50 cause them niggas all pussy
Bustin' shots at ya convoy, you don't want war
No surrender, no retreat, this is Vietnam boy
Check my war wounds, I done took a couple for the team
Only niggas that been on the battlefield know what I mean
Take cover, we comin' pullin' pins out of grenades
You won't make it to the General without gettin' sprayed
Might as well say hello to my brand new little friend
Only time he come out to put holes in grown men
You can send your troops and get 'em all blown back
Walk up on 'em wit a deuce deuce, and nigga hold that

[Chorus: x2]

[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
Look nigga, I suggest you go home
Cause I won't hesitate to let the chrome touch ya
Nigga I'm never scared like Bone Crusher
Stand alone, provide my own supper
Tell ya baby momma stop comin' around here or I'm gon' fuck her
We'll try to take up for them lames around you
He'll get shots for free like I flagrant fouled you
I'm on the road blowin' grade A haze and brown
Got niggas runnin' like the KKK's around
My album's comin', a new year's approachin'
My buzz gettin' bigger, a few ears is open
Can your team play in the game, without you here to coach 'em
There's a very fine line between a boo and a ocean
Sometimes I'm in Atlanta where the big head bounce
And you could come, but after you give Banks head bounce
These niggas really want war, cause if so put on your vest
Cause all you gotta do is just say yes

[Chorus: x2]

[50 Cent Talking]
G-Unit's like the Firm
Cause you can get in, you can't get out

[Tony Yayo Talking]
This is G-Unit life right here, know what I'm sayin'
We used to sell drugs, you know bust guns and all the other
Now we're laid back, now we doin' us, we live it up
50 got us right, got us kicked up right now

Title : Beg for Mercy

G G G, G G G-Unit
No peace talks, no white flags
No mercy, I'm gettin yo ass

[50 Cent]
Niggas done heard about my click how we stay wit the toastas
Blood in, blood out, la kostra nostra
You don't wanna bang wit the best
I'll have Doc removin fragments from your chest
They say God's a forgivin' man, I hope he forgive
Thirty shells I let off don't curse my kid
They say Fifty done blew up, Fifty you changed
Nigga you stunt, I pull out
And you see I'm that same nigga that when he start to roar
I think he's flyin
Eight outta eight on movin targets
You run? You still dyin
Check my resume, I am oh so loco
Mama ain't raise no chump, I don't talk no pocco

[Chorus - 50 Cent]
Sticks and stones may break bones and the shells may hurt me
But I take it like a man, you beg for mercy
Keep your eyes wide open, nigga's lookin for it too
Shit is real 'round here, you surrounded by crooks

Sticks and stones may break bones and the shells may hurt me
But I take it like a man, you beg for mercy
Keep your eyes wide open, nigga's lookin for it too
Shit is real 'round here, you surrounded by crooks

[Young Buck]
There once was some niggas that tried to murda me
I hit em up, put em in plastic surgery
This 4-5 has made a lot of guys apologize
The truth come out, 'stead of hearin' a lot of lies
Some niggas catch a case and then claim they hard
A couple chest wounds will make a nigga change his heart
I just play my part, and while you shootin up cars
I'm smokin' niggas like a Cuban cigar
Let's get it poppin'


[Lloyd Banks]
I'm tired of you niggas with your maybe beef
We gonna be here forever, you're temporary like baby teeth
I'm in and out the night clubs, A-D-D
Dark blue Benz, navy seats, eighty sneaks
These niggas tellin' out the blue
So you hang em off the bridge
At least they'll have to helicopter you
The Jimmy lived in the bags, the Bell or Hop will do
I rap for the neighborhood niggas that failed in high school
You can tell I came a long way in my sense, home grown
That's why them little niggas in the projects love me
You provide the beat downs for free, I paid my dues
I don't even freestyle for free
I gave em a break, flew over seas
But it's kinda hard to get homie-sick when there's blue in the trees
Sit back and try to play your role wit the copies
I put more staples in yo ass than a telephone pole, Yea


Titled: G'd Up

[Chorus: 50 Cent] 

Aint it amazing, how crazy, the hood dun made me
Feels like my emotions are froze
I stay G'd Up
Its the things that I seen
And the shit ive been through that made my heart turn cold
I stay G'd Up,
I'm a gangsta ya find out fo sho if u eva step on my toes
I stay G'd Up, 
When im hanigin' out tha window wit that AK 
Fillin ya punk ass wit holes
I stay G'd Up

[50 Cent]

Cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, marijuana,
Mule on that Greyhound from the N-Y to the Carolinas,
Paper chase, different name
Same face, don't catch a case
My road dog's on parole
His baby gurls 4 years old
We play tha block, pistol cocked
You could shoot or get shot 
Kill u for ur crack spot
Take everything your ass got
Semi-automatic spray
Bust back or run away
Niggaz talkin in tha hood
We'll handle his another day
In November, you make my shitlist
You did, you can cancel christmas
I'll send you a gift
Niggaz will come and leave yo' ass twisted
Dem hollowtip shells burn baby burn
As a nigga get murked, a babies born and tha world turns
I seen it all crystal clear
So I keep my pistol near
Hearts never full of fear
Homie I stay well aware
Of whats goin around me, muthafuckas want me dead
I go with a smile on my face, finish my time kid 

Lil nigga I dun paved the way, y'all should thank 'em,
But if u think otherwise bring ya boy over here so i could spank 'em
I'll put a end to your career bitch (bitch)
Before you speak on 50, buy .40 and a spare clip
These niggaz gassed up 
Gettin too used to rap
Like I wont give them more blood clots than supercat
Niggaz'll snatch ya
I'm like a backcatcher (nigga)
I'll give a sign and they'll throw sumthin at ya
Round here niggaz die off hydro 
And even when it aint 4th of July it sound like pyro
I'm smart enuff to creep and lay your dumb brains down
The pound (will) spin u around like tha young James Brown (yeah)
I know im hot but hey (hey)
I'm icy too
Rocks will hit u from a block away
Like a beat from Dr.Dre
We takin' over this year
K's and the soldiers is here 
Everyone knows that your scared (yeah)!


[Young Buck]
My popa never bothered to show me what it was to be a man
He just pop another bottle n smoke up a half a gram
I would hop in my Impala and ride all through the night
They gave my homeboy life 
So when you do it do it right,
My fingernails still filled with cocaine residue
I still got tha heart to go and bust me a head or two (fo sho)
No other solution 
You think we hollerin n hootin'
Until you wake up (buck!)
Then you gotta here about these shootings
I take a pull from a loose one 
And put tha clip in my pocket 
Before I take another bullet I'm gonna pull it and pop it (bllaaatt)
And if its beef my nigga
Then let your guns do ya talkin'
The graveyard has got plenty room for a coffin (haha)
They say we responsible for boostin tha crime rate
They say that we da reason why these young niggaz buying weight
But im gonna keep this glock on my waist till my dyin'day
Its "Nuttin But A G Thang" G-Unit And Dr.Dre


Title : Lay You Down

[Intro: 50 Cent]
G-Unit, they ain't ready

[Hook: 50 Cent]
I don't know what you been thinkin, don't know what you been drinkin
But you get outta line boy, I'll lay your ass DOWN
Don't know what you been thinkin, don't know what you been drinkin
But you get outta line boy, I'll lay your ass DOWN

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
I've been out in LA with Dre and Snoop for so long
I'm fin ta Crip walk and put some mo'herfucking khakis on
Naw that's aight man I ain't got nothin to prove
I'm rich but I still live like I got nothin to lose
Look man, I don't know what you been drinkin I don't know what you been thinkin
But get outta line and Snoop's upside ya head
The media they write whatever they choose
And the cops stay on my ass so I stay on the news
These other rap niggas couldn't walk in my shoes
Went through a bunch of bullshit while I was paying my dues
They say my music make a gangsta wanna pop somethin
Well tell them niggas to get poppin & stop frontin
You heard of me but do you know how I get down
Stay with a vest on, roll wit a couple tre-pounds
In case you motherfuckers wanna jump bad now
I'll start some bullshit and I'ma lay ya punk ass down

[Hook: 50 Cent]
I don't know what you been thinkin, don't know what you been drinkin
But you get outta line boy, I'll lay your ass DOWN
Don't know what you been thinkin, don't know what you been drinkin
But you get outta line boy, I'll lay your ass DOWN

[Verse 2: Young Buck]
Hittin niggas from long range for writin the wrong thangs
My name YOUNG BUCK but I look like a old mayn
Just cuz I like ice don't compare me to Lil Wayne
I make rap niggas dissapear like Lil Zane
See Buck been shot, but not more than 50
I don't dance, what I look like signin wit Diddy?
I got plans, grenades and the G-Unit wit me
And on command, we spray give a fuck who we hittin
What's in my hand? A tan bout a hundred and sixty
Hollow tips, four-fifths with the rubber grip
Crips & Bloods they show me love like I'm claimin a set
These industry niggas know they better pay me my check
I get a kick outta seein these broke ass rappers
Ten people showed up that's why your show got cancelled
50 whatever they did to the kid is handled
Niggas callin for these features but they get no answers

[Hook: 50 Cent]
I don't know what you been thinkin, don't know what you been drinkin
But you get outta line boy, I'll lay your ass DOWN
Don't know what you been thinkin, don't know what you been drinkin
But you get outta line boy, I'll lay your ass DOWN

[Bridge: 50 Cent]
Everywhere we go, just leaves number one
We won't stop, every billboard chart (we number one, number one, number one)
Man we own that slot, we won't stop

[Hook: 50 Cent]
I don't know what you been thinkin, don't know what you been drinkin
But you get outta line boy, I'll lay your ass DOWN
Don't know what you been thinkin, don't know what you been drinkin
But you get outta line boy, I'll lay your ass DOWN

[Verse 3: Lloyd Banks]
A bitch know it's a privilege if I stop to check her
Nigga all I got is hot shit the kids call me Dr. Pepper
And I don't mean a soda
The 16 top shot loader'll bend ya ass up like yoga
Your fuckin wit a soldier
I'm sellin tickets for a first class trip to a hospital folder
So please keep talkin
So we can spread your feet, and have you on your boulevard C-Walkin
The birds keep hawkin, why?
Cuz I'm burnin every CD and Walkman from D.C. to Boston
I laugh at a snotty chick, bitch I don't argue
I'll leave a print in your ass from a karate kick
Them niggas that Javey wit, got guns on the big body tip
And if they pull out you'd prolly shit
Jewelry got me in heavy gray pictures
Plus I light up trees like every day's Christmas

Title : Gangsta Shit

[50 Cent - Talking]
Yeah, niggas talking all that gangsta shit
Acting like my money ain't no good in the hood, you know what I mean?
Fucking head blown off nigga, you know?

[Chorus x2]
They, they talking that
That gangsta shit
They ain't about that
Man, matter of fact
Hand me my strap
Show me where they at
I'll stop 'em from talking like that

[50 Cent]
I'm the talk to hit every barbershop and beauty salon
Cause these other niggas that rap ain't on the shit that I'm on
Cause 50 this, 50 that, 50 stay with a gat
Thirty-two shots in the clip, hollow tips in the Mack
But when I come through, shh... the talking stop
My money long now, I can make the Pope get shot
Now, we can blow an hour talking bout the stones I rock
All the hoes I got, cause he stunts in the drop
Now, naw, you love the kids, 50 on that killa shit
That been mobbed the bad man, bitchy as guerilla shit
I'm marking my music like diesel on the block
So if you with me you gon' eat and you gon' starve if you not
Weed smokers love me like they love Buddha
I'll send your kids through the shooter, Crip niggas love me like they love Hoova
They tell me see careful good, cause niggas wanna see like you
They ain't used to a G like you, BLAM!


[Young Buck]
You think you a killer but we gon just pay 'em a visit
Put the potato in the barrel so nobody hear it
I keep a holster on my shoulder like I'm John Wayne
Shooting these niggas lights out like Lebron James
Holla my name, gimme a reason to see you bleeding
After you feel these hollow tips, nigga, then we eating
Full of anger until there's no more bullets in the chamber
Ain't nothing like when you get popped and don't know who to blame-a
Nigga told me, "Do your dirt all by your lonely"
So I go hit them niggas 'fore 50 couldn't even hold me
I'm waiting, anticipating to put a nigga under
Smoking like we some Jamaicans fucking with this ganja
Ride with no hesitation, retaliation is a must
Bad as I want to, some shit I just don't discuss
So point him out and watch how I knock him off
Everywhere you bitches go, I got a nigga watching ya'll, motherfuckers!


[Lloyd Banks]
Come on, nigga, I ain't here to make no friends, just cut the checks
I got a long pump that'll put your stupid ass up in steps
Begging niggas don't understand though
Probably cause my hand glow when I'm anticipating the lambo
Lean out my bucket for niggas thinking they Rambo
You get one warning so I suggest you let your man know
These rap niggas portray to be tough, nobody acting soft
'Til they laid out in the hospital, eating applesauce
Usually for yapping off and turn apologetic
Waving a white flag, the danger they might have
My niggas buying so much ammo
If you reach in the couch for loose change, you'll probably feel on the handle
Holding sixteens to get your bandages and broke bones
So I suggest you get alarm systems in both homes
There's only one team on top, we number one with a glock
Fuck around and get your dumb ass SHOT!


Title : I Smell Pussy

*Sniff Sniff* You smell that? What's that?
I smell pussy! (Is that you Irv?)
I smell pussy! (Is that you Ja?)
I smell pussy! (Is that you Black?)
I smell pussy! (Is that you Tah?)

[Verse One]
Y'all niggas is pussy!!!!!
I'm falling out nigga now watch me (watch me)
Ain't nothing you can do to stop me (stop me)
Y'all niggas get so emotional (emotional) 
You remind me of my bitch...HaHa

It's not of my nature to make a commitment so let me breathe
What she doesn't understand catch attitudes when I leave her
Quite of probation just make it harder for me to accept her as my own
She tries to tie up my phone and
I'm not at home she's thinking I'm not alone
Probably out tryin' to bone anything in the street
I let her know she can leave I ain't tryin' to tie her up
But see it's hard to fuck wit somebody after she touches me
Mami I'm not your regular nigga I know the game
But I don't play by the rules I'm focusing on my moves
That way I will never lose
See I can tell by your shoes if you attracted to Bentleys with 22's
You say I confuse you play little trick with your head
Been catching feelings ever since the first time I slept in your bed
I'm not here to tease you mislead you with so your dreams
I can't say I love you I don't know what that means
I'M A PIMP!!!!

[Chorus (twice)]
Girl you know I like when you climb on top
Love muscle feel tighter than a headlock
And you know I love the way you make the bed rock
Take me to Ecstasy with out takin Ecstasy
Girl you know I like when you climb on top
Love muscle feel tighter than a headlock
And you know I love the way you make the bed rock
Take me to Ecstasy with out takin Ecstasy

[Verse Two]
When I first met her, I did anything to get her
Paid all her bills and filled her frigerator
Reminiscing on late nights when I tried to lay up
But couldn't get off 'cause your baby would stay up
She even crashed the whip tryin' to switch in the third lane
That's when I realized this bitch was a bird brain
A pigeon writing her baby pops in the box in prison
Sing-Sing is where he been in
She in the Gucci tights and Fendi high heels
Baby wipes and cans of Enfamil
Motor Bikes and grams of fish scale
So 9 to 5 niggas was no frill
Turning young niggas with principals to old men with debts
And all the prank calls was death threats
That bitch got the best sex all across the globe
And the bitch head game was out of control

[Chorus (twice)]

[Verse Three]
I wonder when I'm gone if you miss me
Or do you miss that Don Perignon and that Christy
I'm fuckin wit you
I'm feeling your shape I'm feeling your eyes
later on I'm feeling your ass and feeling your thighs
Sweetheart you book smart and street-smart
I knew you was my type from the very, very start
I'm in to tongue kissing 4 play all day
Mamma ain't home so the noise is okay
ODB you know he like it the raw way
Latex, safe sex ,no hickeys on the neck
Now your learning
The lords blesses make me wiser as the worlds turning
My tongue touch the right spot I'll have your toes curling
Whether we just kicking it or we sexing
I'm a pro baby girl I spit game to perfection
So when niggas make mistakes I correct 'em and
When niggas get out of line I check the man


(50 Cent talking)
Yeah........ don't think I forgot about your fat ass though Irv
You wanna run around takin pictures like you Puff Daddy and the Family motherfucker
With that bitch Charli Baltimore...
Bitch look like she died last week pale as fuck
Paint her hair red...
Think she gon' sell records tryin' to impersonate Pink and shit!
Bitch... punk-ass motherfuckers
All you motherfuckers get rolled on nigga
Ain't no motherfucking, "leave her alone 'cause she a bitch"
FUCK that nigga!! Fuck all of it!!
But not you Ashanti baby
You know how I feel about you baby
Come on... come here girl... c'mon gimme some love girl
Fuck Irv Gotti... you know how me and you do baby
You know... they say I'm sexy now... HaHaHa
Aye Irv your momma got a thing for me!!!!