Busta Rhymes (9 )

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

Flipmode nine seven Busta Bust
Hot shit
Check it out

Hit you with no delayin so what you sayin yo
Silly with your ice grilly what the deally yo
Run up in your own mic yes I do my duty yo
While up in the club I be wylin the studio
Aint no one to violate they be realin culium
A mean thug dealin they julio he moodio
Type of brotha that would slap you with the toolio
Real shook scared to death ask hoodio
Exact look at shorty she a little cutie-o
The way she shake it make me wanna geal in the booty yo
Tap miss to see bangin misses in videos
While up with my freak like we up in the freak shows
Hit you with the shit make you feel it all in you toes
Hot shit got all my people in red clothes
Stylin my metaphors when I formulate my flows
If you dont know your messin with the rickel player pros (like that)

1 - If you really wanna party with me
Let me see is what you got for me
Put all your hands where my eyes can see
Straight buck wylin in the place to be

Repeat 1

If you really wanna party with me in god we trust
Yo its a must that you heard of us yo we murderas
A lot of people is wondering and they curious
Im makin my unit deal with it so mysterious
Furiuous all of my people is serious
Should others be walkin around fearin us
Frontin baby like they dont wanna be hearin us
Gotta listen to haradio be playin us
30 time a day itll make ya delirious
Damage and everything all up in your area
Yo its funny how all the chickens be always servin us
All up in between they ass where they wanna carry us
Hitcha gonna hitem off with the alias
Varias chickens they wanna marry us
Yo its flip mode you stupid you know we about to bust
Settle for ya money the label preparin us
Bite the dust instead of you makin a fuss
People know better cus they aint no comparin us
Mad at us yes you know better we fabulous
Hit my people off with the flow that be marvelous
Oh shit my whole clique victorious
Takin no prisoners with us straight up warriors
When I feel it then I know you be feelin so glorious
Then be rich and reminisce on my people notorious

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

If you really wanna party with me

Busta Rhymes

Hey, another one of them Flipmode joints
Busta Rhymes y'all, word mother y'all, check it out y'all
Just swing to the left, swing to the right
Make ya feel good, feel alright
One time, feel good yeah y'all
Busta Rhymes in the place y'all
Makin you feel real good y'all
Flipmode is the Squad in the place y'all

Buckwild to all of my niggaz who don't care
Floss like a bunch of young black millionaires
Makin ya run, me and my Dunn, stackin my ones
Floss a lil', invest up in a mutual fund
Blowin the horn, a sense of every day I was born
Never dream I see a nigga landscaping my lawn
Dangerous, my nigga shit be accurate
Have to get, the flow be so immaculate
Aiyyo, aiyyo, watchin my dough, sippin my Moe'
Slippin in slow, them pretty bitches sayin hello
Anyway go 'head and diss, play your Oil of Olay
Little honeydip within a little Cariola
I don't mean to hold you up but I got somethin to say
Swear to only give you hot shit everyday
Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
You strange to us, that's when we gettin dangerous, come on

1 - This, is, serious
We could make you delirious
You should have a healthy fear of us
Cause too much of us is dangerous
So dangerous, we so dangerous
My Flipmode Squad is dangerous
So dangerous, we so dangerous
My whole entire unit is dangerous

Hold your breath, we swingin it from right to left
Word to Wyclef, nigga shit be hot to death
Stayin Alive, you know only the stronger survive
Holdin my heat, under my seat, whippin my five
Bassline for all of my people movin around
Give me a pound, all of my niggaz holdin it down
Cuttin you up, the new shit, ruckin you up
Fuckin you up, my black hole, suckin you up
Back in the days, a nigga used to be ass out
Now a nigga holdin several money market accounts
Blaze the street, and then I would just like to announce
Feelin my groove, my jigga jigga makin you bounce
Others is fair, me and my niggaz breakin the bread
Straight gettin it, we got you niggaz holdin your head
Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
You strange to us, that's when we gettin dangerous, come on

Repeat 1

One time y'all
Throw your hands real high y'all
Yea, get down y'all
Let me see you all y'all
Busta Rhymes, Flipmode y'all
Nineteen ninety eight y'all
Ha, get down ya'll
Let's have a ball y'all

Feelin the heat up in the street rockin the beat
Step up in the club, take me to my reserved seat
Comin around, all of my niggaz surround me
So much bottles of liquor, y'all niggaz'll drown me
Makin ya drunk, feelin the funk, blazin the skunk
Stay hittin with the shit that blow a hole in ya trunk
Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
You strange to us that's when we gettin dangerous, come on

Repeat 1

Uhh uhh, uhh
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uhh
Uh-HUH, uhh
Uhh, uhh, uhh
Uhh uhh
Uh-huh, uhh
Uhh uhh
Ahh ahh, uhh ahh
Uh-huh uh-huh, ahh...

Busta Rhymes
Gimme Some More

As a shorty playing in the front yard of the crib
Fell down, and I bumped my head
Somebody helped me up and asked me if I bumped my head
I said "Yeah"
So then they said "Oh so that mean we gon, you gon switch it on em'?"
I said "Yeah, Flipmode, Flipmode is the greatest"
Knowing as a shorty, I was always told
That if I ain't gon' be part of the greatest
I gotta be the greatest myself

C'mon C'mon, Yeah, C'mon
Yeah nigga what, what a surprise
Get ya sumn', make a nigga close both of your eyes
All my niggas gettin' money capitalize
Die little small guy, we on the rise
Everything a nigga touch platinumize
Fully equipped, you know we come wit' all the supplies
Got a big gun, and I'ma show you the size
You fuck wit' any of my Flipmode family ties
Me and my niggaz be comin' through stalkin' you out
Killin' off any and everything you talkin' about
See you in the club, now we walkin' you out
Shoulda' thought twice 'fo you went and opened your mouth
Yo, anyway we stay keepin it movin'
Fuckin' with the wrong nigga, hope you know what you doin'
Now blame me, all the same niggas is lame
It's not a game, makin' names still splittin' your frames!

1 - Y'all niggas had enough?
Gimme some more
Y'all niggas want the wild shit?
Gimme some more
Yo Spliff where the weed at?
Gimme some more
I know ya'll niggas need that
Gimme some more
Even though we getting money you can
Gimme some more
With the cars and the big crib
Gimme some more
Everybody spread love
Gimme some more
If you want it let me hear you say
Gimme some more

Flash with a rash gimme my cash flickin my ash
Runnin' with my money son go out with a blast
Do what you want, a nigga's cuttin' the corner
You fuckin' up, oh to go ahead and meet the reporter
Yo, she tellin' news on how you switch to a bitch
Little fake funny style, nigga chill with a snitch
So now I pass and trait over your blood and to ask you
Make a little room for me and all my niggas to pass through
Cartier, Sidney Poitier, hooray shit
What with all my niggas from around the way shit
When I come through you niggas know I do my thing
Bring more shit that generate money, chi-ching
Arrest you lyrically flow and caress you
Bless you, then a nigga come to your rescue
While you assume a nigga blossom and bloom
I'm comin' soon hit you with a boom gimme some room!

Repeat 1

Yo, live nigga shit know what I mean
I represent while we gettin' money and reign supreme
Hope you niggas know we comin' through full steam
Can't see you better turn on your high beam
All my niggas while I'm ringing the sireen
Flipmode be the glory niggas on my team
Never should you ever try to fuck wit' my cream
I O.D when my shit get all in your bloodstream
Everytime we be rippin' it be blowing it down
Blowing you off fuckin' wit' the hottest niggas around
Like it's when me and my people run through your town
Holdin' it down takin' a while and then gimme my crown
Ay, yo! All my people need to come and surround
A nigga be hittin' so much it make you fall on the ground
Sure to make you shout that's what I be all about
Turnin' you out makin' all you niggas fall out!

Repeat 1

Busta Rhymes
Fire It Up/Turn It Up

Uh ah uh
Check it out
Flipmode squad
Raw deluxe shit
Check it out

I be the street shit
The nigga your mama freak with
Put y'all niggas on it y'all know how to keep a secret
When I get money you know I like to keep it
How I get money niggas you try to peep it
Flipmode be niggas you wanna form a team with
Them get money niggas the ones to plot the scheme with
Them niggas that be used to getting money frequent
The ones that would always measure my triple beam with
Until they start taking my niggas to the precinct
That's all back in the day yo that ain't nothing recent
'Cause now-a-days it be bitches we like to speak with
Eat with Lay them down and sleep with
Type of pussy make a nigga wanna keep it
Shorty be so exotic she looking decent
Lot of corny niggas be offering wack free shit
I can't hold the heat no more yo I gotta release it

1 - What ya'll wanna do
Don't you know we always coming through
Me and my crew
Let me hear you say fire it up (fire it up)
Say fire it up (fire it up)
To all my dogs that's straight blunted
Run around in the 500 all day
Let me hear you say fire it up (fire it up)
Say fire it up (fire it up)


Now, everytime that I meet a nigga who fronting
It's alright 'cause you getting money and everybody want it
Smoke a big sliff
Get myself for a blunted
Fall on the floor and I gotta call my S500
Iceburg 5 where you at
No need for alarm
Right now I'm cruising to the sounds of my enhancing song
Hurry up 5
Ayyo you know it's about to get thick
I see this cat a way behind my back about to do a stick
Tell me where you at
I will be there in 10 seconds flat
You know I got your back
I'll be there just in time to counteract
Sometimes I'm unforget cooth
My S5 bulletproof
I turbo boost
And blast right through your motherfucking roof
Coming through
Hitting you
Knocking out a nigga's tooth
Full speed ahead like we running a toll booth
Produce more flavor than Very Fine juice
Call a truce
Before me and my niggas'll let loose

2 - All my ladies in the place to be
Getting money while they next to me
Let me see
Let me hear you say fire it up (fire it up)
Say fire it up (fire it up)
All my people just wave your hand
Getting money all across the land
One time
Let me hear you say fire it up (fire it up)
Say fire it up (fire it up)

Bleach the heat
You're letting loose to the extreme
Me and the Iceburg S5 bounce from the scene
Recline my seat rock to the beat
Leaning so hard, it's like my whole squad up in the Jeep
Blowing up the spot or we hit them know what I mean
Got you open we keeping you niggas up like caffine
Flying ghetto team
Seeing everything on my little computer screen
From here to Phillipine
Keep it moving we never run out of gasoline
Gas me you ossen a nigga with kerosine
Me and my 5 be running some mission you've never seen
Hot shit making you niggas forever feen
Anyone of you coming, you better come clean
Hit you with an overdose of more rhyme and Phetamine
Got your eye blood shot you need Physine
Niggas is wyling I think you need to read the sireen

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Busta Rhymes
Woo Hah! Got You All In Check

Y'alllll y'alllll y'alllll, y'all
Y'alllll y'alllll y'alllll, y'all
Y'alllll y'alllll y'alllll, y'all
Y'alllll y'alllll y'alllll, y'all

1 - When I step up in the place, ay you I step correct
Woo hah woo hah, got you all in check
I got that head nod that make you break ya neck
Woo hah, woo hah, got you all in check
And you know we come through, to reck the disco tech
Woo hah, woo, I got you all in check
Throw your hands up in the air, and never disrespect
Woo hah, woo hah, I got you all in check

Busta Rhymes up in the place, true indeed
Yes, I catch wreck and that's word on my seed
I'm guaranteed to give you what you need
One blood everybody like junior reed
Make up every morning, I must succeed
Nationwide ruckus make the world stampede
Yo, Willie make we roll some--
Made charge...now I must proceed
Yo, we bout to make moves set speed
Peace to baby phife cue-tip ali-shaheed
Watch me knock you out like apollo creed
Body blows bustin' you... makin' you bleed
Just feed off the dynamic flows and take heed
Need more information, homeboy then just read
Ayyy, you can read all about the pure breed
Do the bogle dance man, do the pepperseed

Repeat 1

How dare you ever try, to step on my suede shoes
Top Gun...down your firm like Tom Cruise
Please, let me get down and blow a fuse
Actin' fools, brakin'...down to molecules
Yo, let me hit you with my ill street blues
Busta Rhymez always headlines the street news
Woo hah, woo hah
Ah, baby girl, don't be confused
Sail my Seven Seas and enjoy my boat cruise
I know you really want to know who's
Comin' through leavin...stains and residues
Sorry homeboy, but your flow sounds used
Got to pay your dues, baby, you know the rules
Whenever I travel the world I landcruise
If you choose to...around, you get bruised
Now, I got you gas on super unleaded fuels
Give me room gimme some space yo excuse

Repeat 1

You're now rockin' with the best
Busta Rhymez coming through from the flip mode squad
Boyscouts who I be straight to your dome
We comin' straight to your dome
Bringin' all the ruckus, to all you rad mother...
Boyscouts who I be flipmode is da squad
Busta Rhyme break it down like this
Yo, which mother...stole my flow, eenie meenie minie moe
Throw them type a...right out my window
Blast they...hit them from a direct blow
Bo, comin' through like G.I. Joe
Star wars movin' like Han Solo
Make you bounce around like this was calypso
Always shine 'cause I got the hi-pro glow
You think that you can hide, you think you can lay low
Roll up on you...like Hawaii 5-0
Make out with my dreads in my kangol
Forget the moe... just pass the cisco
Yo, take a trip down to Mexico
Come back with that...that might make you psycho
Maximum frequency through your stereo
Sorry, this is it, but homeboy I gotta go

Repeat 1

Yeah, hey, hey, yo hey...

Busta Rhymes feat. Mystikal
Iz They Wildin' Wit Us

Yeah yeah
Fix that guitar shit
Yeah (25x)
Ay yo Mystikal
(Here I go wha)
Iz they getting' rowdy wit' us
Iz they wildin' wit us
Yeah yeah
Flipmode nigga (wha)
No Limit nigga (wha)
Flipmode nigga (wha)
No Limit nigga (wha)
Flipmode nigga
Yo yo yo (Here we go)

Coincide with yo boy check out with no lines
On yo boy look out but don't hide
When you bust it up and keep rhymes
When you walk towards the tape offline
For your boys got instinct rhymes
When you bump between the sixteen lines
When you bowl win the goal bitches scream
Win the goal keep ahead keep it live
Before you go get your tattoo rhymes
For your boy pick a bell in the bathroom
Penalized doing it till he get tired of ya boy
That shit between me and you niggas
Then trying to figure out what I say
I give less than a fuck, what you doing over there
Just don't get in my way
Hear my records feel my presence now and forever and until
Stop what you doing and work it fuck it nice
Just complete it with a licking to the man right there
Tell you mother fuckers what we came to do
It's just plain as day but they don't wanna see
If you don't wanna fight get the fuck is you'll be
In the spot working on my beat
Long time I'm having no compromise
I'ma open them up and them I'm dumping them out
I'm keeping it hard so don't get mad
Cause I'm loading 'em up and I'm running 'em out
Hit 'em with the bang then I feel a bang
Take her in the backyard outside leave 'em in a ring
Teach the niggas not to fuck with us
And next year we gon do the same thing and

1 - Now who you is nigga?
I'm Mystikal nigga
Now who you is nigga?
I'm Busta Rhymes nigga
Now is they wildin with us
And getting rowdy with us
Now is they wildin with us
And getting rowdy with us

Repeat 1

Yo yo yo yo yo yo
Me and my nigga Mystikal make a plan that generate
Sufficient amount of funds across many lands
Generate the heat the place radiate
When I break shit I drop create a earthquake
Yo, anyway we still double masking
And get the gambit and eat super pie niggas
All over the track with a kick in your back
I know we making you black
And you stay fucking with that
You my niggas is platinum
Can you deal with the fact?
Me and the fact getting money
With my name on the plaque
You know how I blow the spot
You niggaz can't fuck with what I got
Nigga please
Ooh nigga you don't need me to smoke trees
Nigga freefall make you feel some of these
Oh by hollow tips pinned in your ass
Get off the Earth the fact that you even in my class
Yo All my live bitches get over here
And all my live bitches get with the niggas right there
All you other niggas get in the rear
When you reek
Funny niggas you better stand clear
Come inside of my storm put on your gear
You ain't up here my nigga better be up outta here
Yo, when we come you know we the one
We only here to get money till the whole shit done

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

Flipmode wildin wildin
Yeah y'all wildin wildin
No Limit rowdy rowdy
Getting rowdy rowdy
Busta Rhymes wildin wildin
Yeah you wildin wildin
Mystikal rowdy rowdy
Gettin rowdy rowdy
Flipmode wildin wildin
Yeah y'all wildin wildin
No Limit rowdy rowdy
Getting rowdy rowdy
Busta Rhymes wildin wildin
Yeah you wildin wildin
Mystikal rowdy rowdy
You getting rowdy rowdy
Mystikal and Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes and Mystikal
No Limit and Flipmode
Flipmode and No Limit
What you talking bout nigga what what
What the fuck nigga
What you want nigga
Who you is nigga

Busta Rhymes
What's It Gonna Be

Ah aah
Ah aah
Ah Ah
Ah, Ah, Ah, Oh oh oh
Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson
Here We go
One Time

Baby, just tell me just how you feel
We livin it, and just givin it to you real
Baby c'mon
Every time, we crossin the borderline
We givin it to you, makin you feel fine
Turn the heat up
Better believe we gonna shine
Make your body wind
Baby the pleasure is all mine
To my people
Regulatin the dance floor
Better step to your business, handle yours, how we do it
Makin you people just wanna bounce and get busy because
You know that we always will hit you off, what you say
You wonderin why you feelin the force
And don't you worry cause you'll be ready to floss
More heat cause I always will put you on
And blow the spot to the very second i'm gone, get your groove on
Now that you tired,
I hope your body recoupin because we keeping you movin thats what we doin
and you know we're gonna

[Janet] (Busta)
1 - Gonna make, gonna make, gonna make your body wet
(Gonna make your body wet)
Gonna make, gonna make your body scream out yeah
(Make your body just scream out yeah, yeah)
Gonna make, gonna make you think them naughty things
(Make you think them naughty things)
Of me on you, (All me on you) and you on me whats it gonna be
(What it's gonna be?)
Gonna make gonna make gonna make your body wet
(Make your body wet, c'mon)
Gonna make gonna make your body scream out yeah
(Make your body scream yeah yeah, yeah yeah)
Gonna make gonna make gonna make your body cream
(Make your body cream)
Make you have wet dreams
(Make you have wet dreams)
What, what what, what's it gonna be?

All my people, singing and waving your hands high
Hot shit, burnin and makin your ass fry
Baby c'mon, give you the shit that'll make you quiver
While I deliver the shit that'll hit you right in your liver
Always sound scannin, we never leavin you hangin
I'm always doin my thing and my music always be bangin so Check it
You know we be always movin the crowd
Type of feelin that make you wanna go play it loud
What up
When, we, come, and hit you, best believe we really gonna get you
No matter whatever you wanna flaunt
We be rippin it baby so what you want
Here we go
Paintin a picture we keep it hot in the winter
Now big up my people you know I'm always with you
Flip Mode
We blowin and takin over the planet
Full blast, hittin with Busta Rhymes and Janet
And you know we're gonna

Repeat 1

We gonna make your body real wet (Janet-wet)
We gonna make your body say yeah (yeah)
I wanna know where my real dogs is at
I wanna know where my live women is at
We gonna make your body real wet (wet)
We gonna make your body say yeah (yeah)
Everybody wave your hands real high
And let me see you put 'em up in the sky
C'mon, makin my niggaz just say ho
Word up, and makin you women just say ah
Baby c'mon, bringin it to you in many ways
We makin and takin you people right through another phase
C'mon, we rockin it baby thats how we droppin it baby
There ain't no stoppin it baby, I know we drivin you crazy
And then we hit with the greatest of all time
No matter what you do baby, we gonna shine
And you know we're gonna

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson
Flipmode baby what,
Yeah, yeah
what its gonna be
what its gonna be, what its gonna be
whats it gonna be
what what what, what what what
uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
close the door

B-Real, Coolio, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Method Man
Hit'em High (The Monstar's Anthem)

Greetings, earthlings
We have now taken over your radioooo.....

Goin' straight through the hole
You ain't got no game
I'm breakin' ya out the frame
Coming through like a train
Looking to take over the world is my goal
With my unstoppable crew takin' all control
You can't get none of this, we're runnin' this
Well taker, earth shaker, 3 point gunnin' this
Get out the lane, i'm comin' through
And if you don't wanna move then i'm comin' right through you

It's like inch by inch and step by step
I'm closing in on your position and destruction is my mission
Though eight is not enough, your whole squad better duck
It's like switch when I bust
Now you're whole crew is dust
Comin' through my area, i'ma have to bury ya
The real scream team on your scream scene
It's like showdown on the range
Go tell me who wanna tangle
with the ghetto witch-doctor neighborhood superhero?

1 - We want it all (want it all!)
Unstoppable, we run the floor (run the floor!)
You can't take none of this hardcore (hardcore!)
In the game we take you to war (war!)
You ain't seen nothin' like this before
If I hit 'em high, hit 'em high, hit 'em high
And you hit 'em low, hit 'em low, hit 'em low
If I hit 'em high, hit 'em high, hit 'em high
And you hit 'em low, hit 'em low, hit 'em low

[Method Man]
Insane like a runaway train i'm in your lane
Like it's only 3 seconds to score to win the game
Came to bring the ultimate pain upon the brain
Untamed, you won't like it when I change
And you are type strange
Make room, manaical monster in the game
And I got my eye on you
Deadshot aim, as free throws keep comin' down like rain
You feelin' me, I'm feelin' you
The Monstar again, i'm tellin' you
Pass me the rock, now i'm headed to the basket
Get up out my way is what you better do
My tactics is unsportsmanlike conduct
You better ask it
Don't get no better than this, you catch my drift?
You get stripped by ballhandlers ruled by Swackhammer
Danger, you're dealin' with offical hoop-bangers
With hang time like a coat hanger
Jump, with thunderous 360-degree type dunks
What up doc? The Monstar funk

[LL Cool J]
Lightning strikes and the court lights get dim
Supreme competition is about to begin
Above the rim, finessin' and moves is animated
Once I get to ballin', I can't be deflated
I'm rugged raw, my Monstars is gettin' money
When clicks get to buggin', I'm snatchin' up their bunnies (Uhh!)
Every step I take shakes the ground
I'll make you break your ankles, son, shakes you down
This is my planet, I'm bout business
The best that ever done it, can I get a witness? (Uhhh!)
Cumulus clouds bring darkness up above
You in it for the money?
Or in it for the love, M.J.?
23 ways to make a pay
Loungin' in the mothership back around my way (Uhh!)
I'm 28 light years old
If the refs get political, dribble like Bob Dole
Am I gettin' lyrical?
Daddy, I think so
Monstar droppin' flavor fluid so drink slow

Repeat 1

[Busta Rhymes]
Yo, god bless!!
Pick up your chest
Here's an example of how I can stress your full court press
With finesse, I bench-press your stress whenever you test
We're speed ballin', on the fastbreak just like the pony express
I'm gonna mingle in your face and take the lid off
Just use your head and forfeit the game
You and your team just need to back off!!
Get off my block, gimmie the ball, I said it's my rock!!
I'm startin' a line-up by gettin' y'all to bring the livestock
Throw all your money in the pot
And make sure you bet all your money on my bank shot
When we come right through tell me what you really gonna do?
We'll leave your team name in shame and take your talent from you
While you abandon your ship, we take your championship
With nothing left for you to see except the instant replay clip
Money spending, goal tending, stay-bending teams like crash cars
Who do they be?
They be the Monstars!!!!!!